Dry Type Single Screw Fish Feed Production Plant

Small dry fish feed pellets production line is the most popular one in small- & medium-sized fish farms/ponds. Enabling farmers to make their own requirement of qualified fish food pellets.

1-1.2 TH Wet Type Fish Feed Production Line

Wet type fish feed production plant is the best choice for medium and big sized feed mills and breeding farms. It adopts wet extrusion technology with high production capacity, mainly used in commercial scale fish farms.

Twin Screw Fish Feed Production Line

Large capacity twin screw fish feed plant is used for processing all kinds of fish feed and pet food, is the best choice for the large scale fish-farming. Fish feed produced by large capacity twin screw extruder plant has no pollution, long floating time, high nutrient contents and highly digestible characteristics.

Pet Food Production Line

Pet food production line is made of stainless steel material, the score equipment in this line double screw extruder can produce different shapes, and the diameter of pet food is adjustable by controlling the mould. It is an ideal production line for farmers and feed manufacturer.

Fish Feed Pellets Production Plant

Ring die fish feed pellets production line is equipped with feed hammer mill, double shaft mixer, ring die pellet mill, mesh belt feed pellet dryer, counterflow cooler and automatic packagers. It is used to manufacture sinking hard pellets.