In Malaysia, aquaculture began in 1920’s. First as polyculture, in the mid 1930’s, marine shrimp trapping ponds were developed. In the early 1940’s, the blood cockles’ culture began. And By the early 1990’s, aquaculture activities were further enhanced with the introduction of intensive commercial aquaculture with very high stocking density and complete dependence on supplementary feeding.

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Recently, the aquaculture industry is growing rapidly in Malaysia, especially the production of fresh water aquaculture fish. For fish farm, no matter what system it is, artificial feeding is required. Because feeds represent more than 50% of total production cost in aquaculture, successful operation of a fish farm needs balance, efficient and economical diets. Nowadays, pellet feed has been introduced to replace traditional feeding process for a successful marine fish culture.

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Most fish feed pellets in market has low water stability and easy to swell when it is immersed in water. But in this case, the soluble vitamins and minerals will be easily leached out from the pellets. This may cause nutrient deficiency and environmental pollution. For these reason, several formulations of fish feed were developed. The raw materials which can be used as formulation are corn flour, soy flour, tapioca flour, etc. Most of them are common and easy to find in Malaysia. Right now, the estimated pelleted feed requirement is nearly 700,000 tonnes, includes nearly 170,000 tonnes for marine fish. But out of the total amount, only 100,000 tonnes were produced locally and the other were imported. In this matter, a prototype marine fish feed which can cut cost and lessen the dependency on fish-based feed was successfully developed and promoted. And FQ Feed Mill Sdn Bhd, a local feed company in Malaysia has already involved in this formulation.

All in all, in Malaysia, well-balanced diet and adequate feeding are the most important part in aquaculture. Enhance the local feed production is another key point for fish industry. As professional manufacturer of fish feed pellet mill, our company can supply cost-efficient fish feed mill to help our customers produce high quality fish feeds.

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