In Netherland, the aquaculture can be divided into shellfish and finfish. Aquaculture plays only a minor role in the Dutch economy, but it is expected that the sector will develop from increased awareness of the benefits from increased consumption of fish and shellfish.

Netherland fish farming

Even the fish industry is small, but its also a very healthy sector of the Dutch economy. The principal activities within the production are fishing and farming, processing and trade of fish. The main types of marine fisheries are herring, mackerel, blue whiting, dover sole, plaice, codfish and brown shrimp. Recently, experiments have been done with farming cod since wild cod has become extremely scarce in a number of seas. Several farmed fish species are fish-eaters themselves: this means that wild fish are caught and processed into fishmeal and fish oil, to be fed to the farmed fish. Thirty percent of the wild fish caught is destined as feed for fish and livestock.

floating fish feed pellets

For commercial aquaculture, manufactured fish feed is an important part. It can provide balanced nutrition for farmed fish. The fish feed can be made into small pellets and granules. They can provide stable and concentrated nutrition for the fish to grow to their full potential. Currently, there’re 72 compound feed producers operating in Netherland. The largest five producers account for approximately 60% of feed production. The next 18 medium-sized companies account for 30% of feed production, and the final 10% is produced by 49 small companies. Now, the cooperatives and private producers make up nearly equal part of the production.

Soy is one of the most important agricultural crops in the world and a substantial raw material for animal feed and many foodstuffs. The other main crops in Netherland are barley, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, and wheat, which can easily be used to make different kinds of fish feed.

According to report, Asia-Pacific and Europe are the leading consumers of Aqua feeds-together accounting for more than 70 per cent of the consumption on a global scale. In this case, the fish feed still has a huge market in Netherland. Our company has rich experience in fish feed pellet mill and can give you the most helpful advice.

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