In Europe, Romania is the twelfth-largest country. Large areas are used as fish ponds and represent a great advantage for the development of aquaculture in the country. The fisheries sector includes aquaculture, marine and inland fishing activities, as well as the related processing and marketing activities.

Most farmed marine fish and shrimp are carnivorous. They can be fed by both whole fish and pellets. The pellets often made by fishmeal and fish oil, and the fish used as feed are caught from the wild.The aquafeeds market in Romania is mainly focused on the production of formulated feeds for those carnivorous fishes, such as trout, seabass, seabream, etc.

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Formulated fish feed can be classified by fish species, growing stage, fish feed processing and energy level. The type of fish feed is very variable and depend to a large extent on the culture of each fish farm, and also on the consumer preferences. For example, feeds with 21-22% fat content are suitable for marine species, and 26-30% is suitable for trout. For marine species, the feeds are also affected by seasons.

Currently, due to the competition of animal feed market, the aqua feed manufacturers began to reducing the amount of fish meal and fish oil in their feed products. Instead, lots of research showed that vegetable source of protein and oil, such as soya, sunflower, cereal glutens, olive, rapeseed, etc, can also be used in different kinds of aqua feeds. This substitution can not only reduce the costs of feeds, but also helps producers to reduce the dependence and pressure of those two natural resources. Beside, the main crops in Romania are corn and wheat, which also can used as main raw materials in fish feed manufacturer.

Anyway, the challenges for the aqua feed industry in Romania are based on the aquaculture sector itself and involve all issues threatening future development. Besides, the use of raw materials, the re-organization of aqua feed companies, and the adaptation to consumer and social demands are also important factors. Our company can supply cost-efficient fish feed machine to help you produce suitable feed pellets for different kinds of fish.

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