The Situation of Fish Feed Machine Market in Thailand

cassava feed pellets

The aqua feeds market of the world keep growing rapidly in the last few years and will keep growing for the next few years, especially in Asia-Pacific area. Asia-Pacific area is concerned to be the fast growing region, the most common fish feed composition consists for fish meal, soybean meal and fish oil. But rice, wheat and corn based products has also become common.


Thailand is one of the biggest suppliers of animal feed in the world with over 20 million tons of compound feeds produced every year. Soybean meal and fish meal are major protein source in Thailand, but most of these needs to be imported. There’re 500,000 farmers produce cassava in Thailand. The most important usage of cassava is in chip and pellet production for animal feed because cassava hay is high in protein and condensed tannins.


cassava pellet making process

To use cassava make feed pellets, first step is washing, the next is chipping and drying. After drying, the cassava chips are ready for processed into pellets. The commercial purpose of pelletizing cassava root products is to decrease the volume by 25-40 percent to produce a uniform product, to facilitate bulk handling during transportation, loading and reloading and to eliminate the dustiness of the product. Pelletizing contributes significantly to the density, durability, and quality of the product. Pelletization of cassava diets also increases the nutrient density and in this form, about 50 percent root and 20 percent leaves can be used to replace almost all of the cereals and about a third of the soybean meal in a broiler diet.


Thailand’s animal feed industry includes more than 1,000 manufacturers today. Among them there’re about 200 medium and large sized businesses. About 150 of the businesses in the industry are aqua feed specialists, of which around 70 are producers of complete aquaculture feeds. Currently, the feed product in Thailand includes a number of brands: Inteqc, Diamond, and Shrimp First for tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon); Starteqc and Wave for gulf white shrimp (P vannamei); Neo Feed and Vanamax as feed supplements for these species of marine shrimp; and Fresh for freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). For fish, Inteqc manufactures and markets brands Fish Choice and Fish Mate and the new Fish First brand. And the mill machinery was mainly sourced from Triumph, the well-known Thai feed equipment company. Each mix contains four tons of ingredients and mixing time is three minutes, 25 seconds per batch, with more than 95 percent of the feed being produced as 3.5 mm pellets.


Anyway, fish feed mill market in Thailand has huge potential. Better use raw materials and high technology is the key for developing. Our company can supply high quality fish feed pellet machine to help you produce high quality fish feed pellets.

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