Fish feed pellet is very important for aquaculture. Fish feed pellet is of higher nutrition, stable performance, and it can float in the water for a long time without polluting the water. What’s more, it is easy for the fish to digest and absorb. So it enjoys a great reputation among the fish breeders.

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If we choose the fish feed pellet, we’d better obey these three points.
First, in order to ensure the fish grow rapidly, the nutrition of the feed pellet must totally satisfy the need of the fish.

Second, we must pay attention to the security. That is to say, we should test whether the fish feed pellets add the harmful additives or not. Or else, the fish will have an ugly body shape and even influence our health seriously.

Third, cost performance, if the quality of the fish feed pellets is the same; we should compare the price of them. On the contrary, we should compare the quality.

Attention Should Be Paid to When Feed Fishes
First, because the moisture of the fish feed pellet is 12%~14% when pelletizing, so the feed pellet should not store for a long time. The feed pellet will mildew and get wet, so the nutrition value of the fish feed pellet will be reduced, it is bad for the fish to grow. The best way is that after producing the fish feed pellets, we feed the fish at once.

Second, we can add proper salt to the feed pellets when feeding the fish; this can kill the bacteria and prevent the fish getting ill.

Third, the fish don’t have a stomach, so the feed pellets stay in the

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intestinal tract for a short time, causing the feed pellets have a low efficient. So in the fixed gross, we should increase the feeding times and reduce the quantity of the feed pellets.

Forth, fertilize reasonably. The feed pellet for the common fish has a high-usage and they can grow rapidly. But for the fat water fish, they only eat the feed pellet not enough, and the water is light, so we should fertilize the water to improve the nutrition of the fat water fish.

Fifth, the diameter of the feed pellets should adjusted with the fish’ growing. When the fish is infant, and the water temperature is low, grow slowly, the diameter of the temperature should be controlled within two millimeter. With the rising of the water temperature and the growth of the fish, the diameter of the feed pellets should be 3-3.5 millimeter. And in the later period, the diameter of the feed pellets should be 4-4.5 millimeter.

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