Fish Feed Oil Spraying Machine

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Our fish feed oil spraying machine adopts the vacuum spraying technology that can greatly increase the nutrition and palatability of feed. It solves the problem of nutrient loss and medicine cross contamination, and is suitable for processing aquatic feeds, fish feed and pet food.

Twin-Screw Fish Feed Extruder

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Twin-screw fish feed extruder can greatly enhance the nutrient content of fish feed that is much higher than the fish feed produced by single screw fish feed extruder. It has many advantages of long service life, high capacity, good fatigue and wear-resistant properties.

Twin Screw Fish Feed Production Line

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Large capacity twin screw fish feed plant is used for processing all kinds of fish feed and pet food, is the best choice for the large scale fish-farming. Fish feed produced by large capacity twin screw extruder plant has no pollution, long floating time, high nutrient contents and highly digestible characteristics.

Pet Food Production Line

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Pet food production line is made of stainless steel material, the score equipment in this line double screw extruder can produce different shapes, and the diameter of pet food is adjustable by controlling the mould. It is an ideal production line for farmers and feed manufacturer.

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