Double Screw Extruder MachineBrief Introduction of Twin-Screw Fish Feed Extruder

Twin-screw fish feed extruder can put raw materials into the machine directly to produce different shapes of fish feed, and is suitable for feed production of different animals, such as: dogs, fish, shrimps and cats. The extruded feed produced by twin-screw extruder is even and smooth with unique taste and rich nutrition.
Animal feed production
Twin-screw fish feed extruder adopts high machine barrel quality screw and suspension design with the international vanguard technology to reduce the friction between machine barrel and screw. It is much more extensive and economical than single screw extruder machine. Besides that, it has no dead corner that will not cause the accumulation of raw materials, and the quality of feed is better than the single screw fish feed extruder.
Compared with single-screw fish feed extruder, our twin-screw extruder solves many shortcomings, such as: less in production, lack of expansion efficiency, difficulty in cleaning, limit of adding nutrient content, quick wearing of screw, high cost of accessories, etc. Twin-screw fish feed extruder could effectively kill the Escherichia col, salmonella and other harmful bacteria by high temperature and high pressure, ensuring the hygiene of feed and enhancing the digestion and utilization of nutrients. The fish feed produced by twin-screw extruder can be easily absorbed by fish and livestock, and can reduce fish disease without polluting the water.

Main Components of Twin-Screw Fish Feed Extruder   

The main body is made of stainless steel with high safety performance and long service life. The feeding system, driving system and cutting system all use the frequency control device.

Power Drive System: It includes main motor and distribution box.
Feeding System: The machine adopts arch-destroying feeding system to ensure even feeding and discharging.
Extrusion System: It consists three parts: screw, barrel and connecting segment.
Heating System: It is made up of a heating ring encircled on the barrel.
Cooling System: Composed of water jacket, water pump and cooling pipeline.
Lubrication system
Electric Control System: The motor adopts frequency control technology, and the temperature control instrument is the intelligent temperature-controlled meter.

Twin Screw Extruder MachineFeatures of Double Screw Fish Feed Making Machine

  1. The yield and quality of fish feed are greatly improved. The quality of fish feed products produced by double screw fish feed extruder is perfect, and its nutrient content is higher than the fish feed produced by single-screw. The proportion of nutrient content in feed can reach 40%. The pellet feed can float on the water surface for at least 12 hours without dispersing and sinking, and is generally used to save 8% to 15% of raw materials than powder fish feed.
  2. Twin-screw is extruding and rotating each other during production, and achieving the automatic cleaning during production. It has separate feeding, heating and cooling system, and is made from wear-resistant high-temperature alloy steel with a special heat treatment and finishing, having the advantages of long service life, good fatigue and wear-resistant properties. It ensures long-term stability movement under the condition of high production capability and high quality. The cost lost of raw materials in production process is very low.
  3. Twin-screw has self-clean function, and can be cleaned without disassembly. Some equipment adopt a building block type composite structure that can meet the different processing requirements of pet feed and fish products. Different length-diameter of screw can satisfy the demands of different processing. The length and parameter of screw can be adjusted, and customers can make any combination according to the needs.
  4. For various raw materials, twin-screw feeding system makes feeding more convenient, uniform, stable and reliable. This equipment uses double shaft conditioner to ensure the feed’s long residence time and uniform modulation, thus to enhance the curing degree of feedstuff and increase output.
  5. Adopted with advanced cutting system that can realize the stepless speed change. The feed can be cut into the required length, and is not easily to produce burr. Cutting device is conducive to remove the template quickly and convenient for hoisting machine barrel and screw during examination.
  6. The replacement of the discharging template is simple. Just change the required template for processing different sizes feedstuff. The special discharging device makes the extruding feed more even, and the material shape become more even and stable.
  7. The main engine adopts frequency control technique that makes the power more strong and machine runs more smoothly. Power drive system adopts advanced three-phase motor to ensure machine runs with trouble-free operation.
  8. Heating device adopts automatic temperature control system to make the temperature parameters more accurate. It also equipped with electric heating device to improve the feed expansion rate.
  9. The machine uses the advance forced lubrication system that ensure its safe operation with automatic lubrication. The lubrication system adopts to cool off compulsory to create work for bears, ensuring the rotating parts of machine have longer service life. It is used in Twin Screw Fish Feed Production Line.

Working Principle of Double Screw Fish Feed Extruder

Double screw fish feed extruder is mainly driven by a pair of parallel screw engaging with each other to push the material, of which the screw is divided into three parts: feeding section, melting section and uniform section. In the conveying section, the material enter into the barrel from the hopper. Along with the rotation of screw, the materials move along the direction of the screw groove, then is gradually compressed. When entering the melting section, because of the change of screw structure, pressure lifting and the external heating from the barrel, the material in the twin-screw is strongly stirred, mixed and cut by the screw and barrel, thus the material temperature rises and the material begin to melt until all the melting is completed.

Due to the space of screw groove is further smaller, the material is further heated and boosted to produce a series of complex biochemical reactions, such as: starch gelatinization, fat and protein denaturation. When reaching the uniform section, the material from the extruded chamber is evenly distributed on the plate through flow distribution plate. At this time, the pressure is usually 3-6 Mpa (depending on the requirement of the extrusion), and the temperature can reach 150-200°C.
Because such a high pressure in the closed sleeve exceeds the saturated vapor pressure at the extrusion temperature, so that the moisture will not evaporate quickly. When the material is extruded instantaneously from the mold hole in a certain shape, the pressure begins to release rapidly and the free water content evaporates quickly. The moisture dissipates rapidly from the material, thus the feed can cool to about 80 degrees quickly, and the feed is solidified and shaped with keeping its shape after expansion.