fish feed mixerFish Feed Mixer Basic Information
This fish feed mixing machine is a kind of single-shaft and double-ribbon mixer which is also called ribbon blender. It is widely used to mix powdery feed materials to ensure a high quality of compound feed, and it is a well-working feed mixer for fish feed production line and other livestock feed production plants.

Fish Feed Mixer Highlights and Advantages
1.Multi-use: it can be used for feed, food additives, binder, silicone rubber, pigment, printing ink, paraffin, resin, vanishing cream, ointment, detergent, etc; and also can be used for mixing viscous fluid and thick, pasty and granular materials.
2.Multi-working-pattern: its mixing model has scraper type, inner-spin type and outer-ribbon type.
3.Flexible design: according to customers’ requests or different feed formulas, the mixer can be equipped with jacket to facility heating and cooling materials. At the same time, thermal insulation materials also can be installed as required.
4.It has large loading coefficient, small covering area. And it is a good choice for plants with large output demand and no changing raw materials frequently.

inner structure of fish feed mixing machine

How the Fish Feed Mixer Works

1.The speed reducer drives the agitating shaft
2.The spiral ribbon make materials move up and down
3.The central spiral pushes materials in the middle to both ends
4.The outer spiral ribbon presses materials from both ends to the middle, which helps central discharging, at the same time the outer spiral lifts materials along the inner wall of the mixer, leading a circulation of materials in the mixer to realize an even mixing result.

Reasonable Operation of the Fish Feed Mixer
1.After starting this feed ribbon blender, check its running direction, and the contrarotation is not allowed.
2.The processing volume should not more than dischargeable capacity.
3.After 15 days for the first operation, discharge the lubricant and clean the oil tank; then change the lube in the speed reducer every 3 months, and lubricate the grease on the bearing every 2 months, which is adjustable according to the working condition.
4.Light repair of the feed mixing machine is needed after 1800-hour running to check the lubrication points and replace the quick-wear parts; heavy repair is needed after 4000-hour running to disassemble to check and clean all the components, replace quick-wear parts, and adjust standard units.

single shaft fish feed mixing machine




Fish Feed Mixer Technical Data