What is Fish Feed Oil Spraying Machine?

feed oil spraying machineFish feed oil spraying machine is a new type grease adding equipment that a certain amount of liquid (oil, grease) is sprayed on the surface of feedstuff in a vacuum state. Its main effect is to improve the palatability and nutrition of the feed, especially used for the processing of nutritious aquatic feed. In extruded feed processing, high temperature, high pressure and high humidity steam need to be added generally. That is conductive to the quality adjustment, granulation and expansion of feedstuff, also can kill pathogenic microorganisms in feed raw materials. However, some heating-sensitivity components (enzymes, vitamins, biogen, grease) in feed will have certain losses during processing.
Our fish feed oil spraying machine adopts the developed vacuum spraying technology that some easily damaged components of the feed are added by using specific method in the post-production. It is a new spraying technology used in fish feed processing that can prevent the easily broken components from damaging and solve the problem of nutrition loss and medicine cross contamination.
The fish feed oil spraying machine has been widely used in large fish feed production lines. It possesses good application values that can protect the active ingredients of heat-sensitivity component in the feed processing, reducing nutrients losses, enhancing the additive amount of liquid and ensuring the lower production cost.

Features of Fish Feed Grease Spraying Machine

  • Wide application. This machine is applicable for many animals, such as aquatic product, fishery product, ornamental fish, poultry, livestock, pet.
  • Widely applicable raw materials: soybean meal, fish meal, grain, straw, green feed, meat and bone meal ( MBM), whey powder, fat, miscellaneous meal.
  • The oil content of fish feed is greatly increased without affecting the firmness of particles. The physical properties of fish feed get improved, thus the nutrition and palatability of feed is greatly enhanced.
  • Effectively solves problem of nutrient loss and medicine cross contamination. The oil residue on this machine is greatly reduced compared with other oil spraying machine.
  • This fish feed oil spraying machine is applicable to the addition of heating-sensitive powder and liquid trace component, which include enzymes, growth-promoter, antibiotics, vitamins, grease, active ingredients, colorants, amino acids, plant extracts. Especially suitable for the production of granulated feed and extruded feed.
  • Fish feed is always moving under the force of rotating roller in a vacuum state. Foggy-liquid sprayed from high pressure nozzle fully contacts with the fish feed surface, ensuring the spraying uniformity.
  • The spraying process is fully automatic according to the additional amount of liquid. The amount of liquid you add is about 1%-8% ,and can be controlled by computer.

Working Principle of Fish Feed Oil Spraying Machine

First, evacuate the spray tank, meanwhile the air in the micro-pores of feed particles is taken out. Second, when mixing the feed, the nozzles will spray the liquid into tank. The feed particles are coated evenly and the micro-pores are sealed. The shear force between the feed particles has to be small during mixing, so that the particles can be fully contacted with the droplets. Finally, compensate the pressure of the spray tank to relieve the vacuum state. The external pressure in liquid membrane of the feedstuff particles is larger than its internal pressure, and the pressure difference causes that oil is pressed into the micro-pores.
Oil Adding Machine for Feed

Main Factors Affecting The Oil Spraying Quality
Besides the design and accuracy of equipment, here are the other main factors that affect the spraying quality :

As is known to us, characteristics of liquid is changed by the temperature, thus affecting the measurement accuracy and spraying. In general, the liquid density is always increasing with the increase of temperature. The temperature of liquid must be controlled so that the oil can keep the proper viscosity and be easily infiltrated into the particle micro-pores.
In addition, if the temperature of feed particles is low, the amount of spraying liquid can reach 5% of the bulk density of feed. The spraying liquid volume can reach 8% if the temperature is high.

Particle size and strength of fish feed
The extruded feed particles must have enough micro-pores to absorb the oil. The large particle size of feedstuff causes that oil is more difficult to be sprayed on the surface, and the uniformity of feed surface is bad. On the contrary, the small size feedstuff can be more easier sprayed evenly. All the particles will be screened after spraying, and the unqualified feedstuff should be sprayed again to ensure the uniformity of oil. The strength of feedstuff should be improved for these unqualified feedstuff when spraying.

Added oil liquid quantity
The absorption rate of fish feed to the liquid is the main influence factor. The liquid is generally less than 570ml (about 0.1% of the feed quantity). Less liquid volume will cause that the spraying is uneven, and the solution is to reduce the speed of spraying, or to increase the amount of liquid. The amount of liquid must be determined by the experiment.
The composition of liquid you add is condensed. The proportion of liquid is very small compared with dry feedstuff, and some even are a million to one. In order to reach the better spraying, the condensed liquid is often diluted.

Droplet size
In order to make the liquid sprayed more evenly, the liquid is made up of lots of small droplets. However, too small droplets can’t be evenly sprayed on the surface of feedstuff, resulting in loss eventually. Hence, the structure of fuel injection system is very important that the droplet size can meet the standard area.