Large Capacity Twin-Screw Fish Feed Production Line

Different from the ordinary fish feed production line, our large type fish feed production line adopts new twin-screw extrusion technology to process different types of pellet feed through high temperature and high pressure after mixing all kinds of raw materials. The capacity of twin-screw fish feed plant can reach 1-2 ton per hour. According to different production demand, the large capacity twin-screw fish feed plant has many collocations to meet the needs of different customers.

The production line mainly includes the following procedures: feeding→crushing→mixing→transferring→extrusion puffing→drying→cooling→spraying→pakacging. The raw materials is fully mixed and extruded in the twin-screw fish feed extruder, of which nutritional performance is improved by adding various nutrition. Adjusting the temperature and waster content of the raw materials to make the feed with various shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and smooth tissue. After 30-40 minutes of low temperature drying through the drier, the water content is dried to meet the quality requirements. The fish feed won’t shrink, won’t break, and its nutritional value will not be destroyed. The surface of finished fish feed after spraying has no burr that is suitable for various fish. The whole process flow is continuous and reasonable, and the performance of each machine is good, which are in most of user’s grace.

The production line applies various raw material include, such as: corn meal, soybean flour, wheat bran, meat, bone meal,etc. It is suitable for processing various fish feeds used for different fishes, and it can process different shapes of the fish feed by changing the mold, also can produce dog food, cat food and other extruded feed.

Twin Screw Extruder MachineFeatures of Large Capacity Double Screw Fish Feed Plant

High output, simple operation, convenient installation, long service life and low labor cost. The complete plant adopts the advanced frequency control system, high automation. User can adjust the technological parameters such as raw materials, temperature and moisture to make the fish feed with novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and exquisite texture.

Fish feed produced by the plant is suitable for different fish tastes with good palatability, of which protein content can reach 50%. The waste of raw material is greatly reduced, the utilization rate and nutrition contents of the raw material are improved.

Fish feed has long floating time with no pollution, increasing survival rate of young fish,of which floating time can reach 20 hours. The particle diameter of the fish feed is divided into 1mm-10mm that meets the demand for feed of different stages of fish. The processed fish feed is easy to be digest by fish with no waste.

Double screw fish feed extruder can instantly kill the harmful bacteria in raw materials during the extrusion process, and decrease the water pollution. High temperature high pressure produced by twin screw fish feed extruder improves the stability and ripening of fish feed that is beneficial to the absorption of fish to feed.

Components of Double Screw Fish Feed Production Line

  1. Coarse Grinding Feed millDroplet Fish Feed Crusher

It is applicable to coarse grinding and fine grinding of the raw feed materials, such as: soybean meal, fish meal, corn, miscellaneous meal, fat, meat and bone meal, grain, etc. The range of sieve hole is 0.5 mm-10mm, and the maxim output can reach 10 ton per hour. The whole machine consists of main body, motor, fan, crushing chamber, dust collector, etc. Each part has impact structure and rational layout, having the characteristics of high output, low noise, small vibration, good performance and convenient operation. The main body is composed of three parts: rotor, upper body and lower body. The feed inlet is installed at the top of the machine with convenient operation. Crushing chamber adopts multiple stage crushing device with strong crushing effect, high efficiency. Blade cutting and high-speed airflow attack each other during production. In the processing of crushing, the rotor produces high speed airflow and rotates with the cutting direction of the blade. The raw material is accelerated in the airflow and repeatedly attacked, accelerating the grinding rate of raw material. The crusher has double crushing function that also can complete the process of micro material separation.

  1. Fish Feed Mixer

Our fish feed mixer is a new horizontal two helical-structure agitator, of which mixing shaft and the “S” shape blade are strong and durable. In order to meet the needs of different production, we have 4 types to select from, such as 300kg, 500kg, 1 ton and 2 ton. The crushed raw materials, such as corn flour, soybean meal, fish bone meal, meat powder and gluten meal, are mixed evenly according to a certain proportion. The frame and inside wall of fish feed mixer is made of stainless steel that is smooth, acid-proof alkaline, anti-corrosive and easy to clean. The screw is a kind of Internal and external reverse screw with the advantages of high mixing uniformity, higher speed and less residue. When working, on the one hand, the inner screw drives the raw material near the axis to rotate axially, and the axial force is pushed from inside to the two sides. On the other hand, the external spiral drives the material on the inside wall to rotate axially, and the axial force is pushed from both sides to the inside. The force of the stirring shaft cause the material crushed and mixed inside, so that the materials can be mixed quickly and evenly in a short time.

  1. Twin-Screw Fish Feed ExtruderTwin-Screw Fish Feed Extruder

Twin-screw fish feed extruder is the key component in this production line,  having the advantages of high expansion rate, high automation degree, strong adaptability and self cleaning function. Under the condition of high temperature high pressure and twin-screw extrusion, starch structure in raw materials start to change, then become the easily absorbed nutritional ingredient. Adjusting the rotation speed of the motor until the same size of feed particles are extruded. The fish feed is extruded through the mould and different particle sizes and shapes of fish feed can achieved by changing mould.
The capacity of twin-screw extruder can reach 0.5-1 ton per hour, especially is suitable for the production of 2-6mm floating particles. The forming rate of pellet feed is up to 99%. The floating rate of fish feed is 100%, and the sink can reach 99%. Particle size is even with similar color, smooth surface and good water resistance. Floating feed can be kept over 10 hours at a undamaged condition in the water, and the sinking feed can reach 3 hours. The twin screw extruder adopts advanced frequency control technology that makes the speed control is more accurate. The current and rotating speed can be  directly seen through the converter panel, ensuring the safety of equipment. The twin-screw is made of high temperature and wear resistance materials, and extruder barrel adopts high-quality steel.

  1. Fish Feed Dryer

Fish Feed Pellet DryerIt is a kind of net-belt drying machine that can achieve batch and continuous production, of which heating mode include electric heating, steam heating and hot-air heating. It has the advantages of flexible configuration, rapid drying speed, high evaporating capacity and high efficiency, and the best drying effect of fish feed can be achieved by adjusting the air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and feeding speed. It is suitable for drying, dehydrating and solidifying the granular materials with good permeability. The inner structure adopts stainless steel mesh belt to ensure materials conveying smoothly. Pellet feed pass through multi-tier mesh belt, and is dried to safe moisture content to prolong its shelf life.
The raw material is evenly spread on the mesh belt, and driven by the transmission device to move back and forth in the fish feed dryer. Hot-blast air passes through the raw material, and vapor is discharged from the exhaust hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The temperature between 0-200℃ can be adjusted by the control cabinet, having high precision and low failure rate.

  1. Fish Feed Cooler

Fish Feed Pellet CoolerOur fish feed cooler is a full counter flow type cooling tower that organically combines the solid particles stability with reverse flow cooling technology. It is mainly used for cooling and ripening the extruded pellet feed, so as to prolong the stability of fish feed in water. The fish feed cooler is suitable for processing different kinds of feed including fish, shrimp and pets, of which output can reach 2 ton per hour.The fish feed cooler is a new octagonal cooling tower without dead ends, of which cooling part and stabilizing part are vertical. It has high automation operating convenience, good dynamic and static characteristics. Vertical arrangement of the machine features compact structure and saved space for installation.

Cooling part adopts counter current cooling technology, uses the spool valve type structure with uniform cooling effect, discharging smoothly without residue. The temperature of fish feed after cooling is not higher 3℃-5℃ than the indoor temperature, and the water content is lower than 13%. Fish feed after cooling is conducive to the packaging, storage and storage. Stabilizing part adopts the flap discharging mechanism to ensure long stable time and good curing effect. Also equipped with insulation layer to guarantee internal temperature of the stabilizer is high.

  1. Fish Feed Oil Spraying MachineFish Feed Oil Spraying Machine

Fish feed oil spraying machine is an indispensable oil adding equipment for feed processing plants. It is suitable for spraying various oil, enzymes, vitamins and other thermosensitive materials, greatly improving the palatability and nutrition content of fish feed. Our fish feed oil spraying machine adopts the vacuum spraying technology to spray the oil and flavour on the feed surface evenly. It can remove the burrs on the surface of feed particles, making the surface of fish feed pellets more smooth.
It is a kind of roller type oil spraying machine with continuous spraying, and uses vacuum spraying technology, greatly enhancing the uniformity of spraying. The spraying system is controlled by the solenoid valve, and the pressure in machine is adjustable. Adopted with frequency control system and high precision flowmeter to achieve the accurate prediction of medicament quantity. Fish feed oil spraying machine can match with the programmable system, so that the oil adding quantity can be adjusted freely. Users only need to set the quantity of additive, the oil can be added automatically.

  1. Fish Feed Packaging Machine

Fish Feed Packaging MachineFish feed packaging machine is a automatic weighing packing machine suitable for lots of industries including feed, food, grain and bean meal,etc. It is composed of inlet, feeding mechanism (gate), weighing hopper, bag clamping structure, suction mouth, pneumatic system, sensors, control cabinet, conveying and sewing mechanism, etc. Fish feed packaging machine can complete the following steps automatically in one operation: bag-making, measuring, filling, printing, sealing, packing. The packaging speed can reach 300-500 bags per hour, and the machine speed can be controlled and adjusted by transducer, realizing stepless speed changing.