Pet Food Double Extruder Production LinePet food production line is designed to produce pet food pellets, also animal feed for every kind of animals, like cats, dogs, foxes, mink, rabbits, fish, shrimps, poultry, livestock, birds and other pets. Normally using grains powder as main material, mixing with meat, bones powder, fish powder as a flavoring. By adjusting the ratio of raw materials, processing temperature, moisture, extrusion pressure and other production processes, it can make the product have different size, shape, taste and nutrition ratio. Pet food production line would satisfy different demands for capacity and quality. At the same time, we focus on palatability and scientific nutritional proportion, which make pet food more easily digested and absorbed.

Pet food productionRaw material can be: Corn flour, wheat flour, soya flakes meal, rice, wheat bran, meat, bones powder, fish powder, annexing agent, etc.

Pet food is applicable to: Cats, dogs, foxes, mink, monkey, pigs, sheep, rabbits, fish, shrimps, poultry, livestock, birds, etc.

Shape of the pet food could be: Heart shape, bone shape, round, triangle, small fish shape, square, ellipse, plum blossom shape, etc.

Main technique flow: Mixing(raw material grinding and mixing system)→delivering material →(tempering)extrusion →air conveying →drying →transportation → seasoning (roller spraying) → air conveying → cooling → packaging

Amisy Pet Food Production LineMain equipment in pet food production line:

Material mixing system → double shaft differential speed tempering machine → double screw extruder → air conveyor → dryer → belt conveyor → oil spraying machine → seasoning roller → elevator → cooler → belt conveyor → packaging system

  1. Grinding raw material, then mixed with annexing agent and water in a certain proportion.
  2. The screw conveyor is used to transport the raw materials to the feed hopper of the extruder, ensuring that the feeding is convenient and quick.
  3. In the condition of high temperature, high pressure and screw extrusion, different feed can be produced by adjusting process, the size and shape of particles can be completed by changing moulds.
  4. Convey pet food to drying machine.
  5. The dryer is mostly steam oven, and temperature is between 0-200℃ through control cabinet self-regulation. There are stainless steel double bag inside, which is to reduce the food grain moisture, promote the ripening rate, and increase the shelf life.
  6. Oil, phagostimulant, minced meat and spices should be sprayed uniformity on the surface of pet food. About flavoring cylinder, we can provide common cylinder, octagonal cylinder, lifting single drum, double roller seasoning line.
  7. Air conveying: reduce the temperature of oil and feed, promote the solidification of oil.
  8. To screen the excess powder particles. (Non commercial users can ignore this process)
  9. Cooling and reducing the temperature of pet food, it is convenient for packing.
  10. Users can use manual sealing machine or automatic packaging machine.


Twin-Screw Fish Feed ExtruderBasic functions of double screw extruder:

Double screw extruder is the score equipment in pet food production line, because of functional diversity it is widely used in the fields of food, pet feed and other industry. Extruding machine includes dry type extruder, wet type extruder, single screw extruder, and double screw extruder.

Condensation: in the process of extrusion, food ingredients can be tightly combined to form discrete blocks.

Degasification: bubbles containing food or feed material will be removed during extrusion.

Dehydration: in the extrusion process of general food or feed, the water content will lose 4%-7% on the original basis.Double Screw Extruder in Pet Food Production Line

Expansion effect: the operation conditions and configuration of extruder can control pet food and aquatic feed density (such as sinking or floating).

Gelatination: extrusion makes starch gelatinized in the process of pet food.

Grinding: during feed processing, raw materials could be ground to a certain extent in the extruder.

Homogenization: this function can change the structure of the unattractive raw material and makes it a more acceptable form.

Mixing effect: there are many kinds of screws to choose, which can make extruder have the desired mixing amount.

Sterilization: high temperature and high pressure working environment can effectively kill the pathogens of raw materials.

Advantages of pet food production line:

▼Stainless steel materials are used in the whole line, is safe and and pollution-free. The surface is smooth without adsorption. It can be cleaned, sterilized and sterilized safely, and it will not be corroded. Stainless steel will not pollute feed, and has high tolerance to large temperature difference and fast temperature change in feed production, and its life will last longer than ten years.

pet food production line for dogs and catsPet food production line is suit for all kinds of animals. Like domestic animals: pigs, cattle, sheep; poultry: chickens, ducks, goose, birds; aquatic products: fish, shrimp, crab; pets: cats, dogs, rabbits; other commercial breeding: fox, mink, monkey, etc.

▼The diameter of pet food can be adjusted according to the mould, and the sinking or floating of feed can be controlled according to the proportion of water.

▼Shape of the pet food can be heart shape, bone shape, round, triangle, small fish shape, square, ellipse, plum blossom shape, etc.