6mm catfish feed pellets

6mm catfish feed pellets

What is Sinking Hard Fish Feed Pellets?

Commercial fish diets are manufactured as either extruded (floating or buoyant) or pressure-pelleted (sinking) feeds. Compressed pellet feeds is produced in Ring Die Fish Feed Pellet Production Line that we will detail clearly next.

Sinking pellets made by ring die production plant is usually bigger, and longer, than floating feed. It is a kind of complete diets that supply all the ingredients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals) necessary for the optimal growth and health of the fish.

sinking type fish feed pellet

sinking type fish feed pellet

Why Using Sinking Pellets?

We all know that artificial fish diets includes flake, tablet, pellet, and crumb form to incorporate all types of fish. Some fish species prefer floating, others sinking. Shrimp, for example, will not accept a floating feed.

Therefore, sinking hard pellets are specially manufactured and designed to sink in order to incorporate Bottom Feeders – Sinking hard fish feed pellets for bottom feeders in commercial fish farms.

Examples of some popular bottom feeders are Plecostomus, most species of so-called catfish, loaches, shrimp, shellfish, crabs, crayfish, sea anemones, starfish, sea cucumbers and snails.

sinking hard fish feed pellets production lineSinking Hard Farmed Fish Feed Pellets Production Technology and Related Machine

Feed Hammer Mill for Fine GrindingFish Feed Hammer Mill

Farm-raised fish be fed with high-protein complete food pellets that are made of a mixture of soybeans, corn, wheat, vitamins and minerals. Prior to the mixing process, the feed ingredients have been weighed and grinded and the vitamins and minerals have been added to the feed compound. Raw feed ingredients grinding is the first step in ring die feed pellets production line.
The hammer mill can be used not only in fish feed grinding, but in milling of animal, pet livestock, poultry and other feed ingredients.

Double Shaft MixerDouble Shaft Mixer

Mixing is of enormous impotency. The advantage of Mixing fish feed ingredients together is to make a complete feed diets. Mixing quality directly affects the finished products’ quality. Double shaft mixer is with high mixing speed and short mixing period, being the only alternative in Large-scale Commercial Aquatic Feed Manufacturing Plant to improve the whole production efficiency.

Ring Die Pellet Mill

Pelleting is considered to be the most essential operations in fish feed processing. Ring Die sinking type fish feed Pellet MillPelleting of mixed feed is undergone by ring die pellet mill. In a ring die pelletizer, the rollers or the die may be driven but in a plate die pelletizer the rollers only are driven. The die and rollers of a ring die pelletizer may operate in a horizontal or vertical plane according to machine design.

Fish Feed Pellets Dryer

Uniform drying is crucial to uniform sinking properties. Besides that, drying the finished feed drops the water content to the needed level. fish feed pellet dryerMesh Belt Fish Feed Dryer is used to dry the pellets to a 5% residual moisture content.

Fish Feed Pellets Cooler

The purpose of cooling system is to remove moisture and heat after the pelleting process. Counterflow cooler is a kind of mechanically simple fish pellets cooling system required minimal floor space. It is more favoured by pellets manufacturers than horizontal cooler in this industry. In the other hand, its lower capital cost minimizes the plant investment.

Fish Feed Pellets Packager

Packaging and labeling feed to be shipped for commercial or retail purposes.